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Celebrate World Fair Trade Day
Saturday, May 10, 2008

“For the Planet.  For the People.”

This year we will celebrate World Fair Trade Day over the course of two weeks – America’s Fair Trade Fortnight -  from Saturday, May 3 through Sunday, May 18.  World Fair Trade Day is accompanied by the theme, “For the Planet.  For the People,” which explores Fair Trade’s links to the environment.  This theme encourages people to think of Fair Trade not only as an option for consumers to value the people who make our products, but also the opportunity to reduce our environmental footprint.
Fair Trade Protects the Environment
Fair Trade requires adherence to the highest income and labor standards of any product certification, as well as to stringent environmental criteria.  Fair Trade discourages deforestation, and preserves precious ecosystems.  Fair Trade also strictly limits agrochemical use, forbids the use of most dangerous chemicals, and encourages implementation of integrated crop management (ICM) systems and other environmental stewardship practices.
Fair Trade also provides farmers and workers with financial incentives to convert to organic production.  As a result, many Fair Trade Certified products sold in the U.S. market are also certified organic.  This unique combination of high environmental standards and financial rewards means that Fair Trade Certified products are not only better for the people who grow them, but for the planet as well.
Take a Break for Fair Trade.  Take a Break for the Planet.
Whether you are brewing up a pot of Fair Trade coffee at your office or having a banana bread snack in your classroom, a Fair Trade Break is an easy and fun way to introduce Fair Trade to others, as well as allow people to experience the growing range of Fair Trade products now available in the US.
Check out  to access free resources geared towards helping you organize your World Fair Trade Day events – including tips and tools for the Fair Trade Breaks, posters, stickers, recipes, press outreach tools, and other information – and to publicize your World Fair Trade Day/Fair Trade Fortnight event nationwide.
This Mother’s Day, Tell Your Mom it’s Fair Trade Certified!
This year, Mother’s Day falls on the day following World Fair Trade Day.  Celebrate Fair Trade with your mother by sharing a bouquet of beautiful Fair Trade Certified flowers or organizing a Fair Trade Mother’s Day event at your church or school.  Fair Trade Certified flowers are now available in stores nationwide and coming soon to a local florist near you.
Interested in bringing Fair Trade Flowers to your local supermarket, cooperative, coffee house or florist?  Contact Jamie Guzzi, 510-663-5260 x. 309 or email to find out more!  We also have loads of beautiful Mother’s Day-themed materials and can help with the bulk wholesale purchase of flowers for larger events.  For more information on how Fair Trade Certified flowers are helping women around the world and where to buy Fair Trade Flowers in the store and online, visit

This page last updated: April 16, 2008

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