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Dear all:

Coffee and tea have long history of over a thousand years. They play a significant role in human civilization and the quality of life. Coffee is the commodity that has the second highest figure in the world trades, while oil ranks the first. Even since the first coffee tree was discovered, and the culture of beverage was created in Middle East and spread across
Europe, and in a series of warfare the Turkish warriors indirectly spread the coffee culture across Middle Europe from Austria to Germany, coffee has become a daily necessity and has changed the lifestyle of every European.

Today coffee has evolved as culture of every nation. During the Ming Dynasty, Russian tsars were fond of Chinese tea and encouraged Russians traders to import tea from Chinese Traders. Since then tea has become a daily necessity of Russians and an element of their lifestyle.

Despite the huge trade figures of coffee and tea industry there was never an ideal system to train people for the industry. Due to the lack of a strong foundation, the industry contained good as well as bad dealers. There was never a common language between buyers and sellers. Nor there any agreed standard to evaluate the quality.  As a result, there was a lack of trust between buyers and sellers, hinder-ing the development of the industry.

In view of the situation, a few years ago, Coffee & Tea Academy of Hong Kong & China, Speciality Coffee Association of Hong Kong & China introduced a comprehensive certificate course on coffee and tea in Hong Kong. That was the first all-around course even introduced in Asia. It has attracted people from the public and those who were interested in coffee and tea to join. During these few years, we have trained people of coffee and industry from different places. With their solid knowledge gained from our course, they are now playing important part in the industry now; we would like to offer people from the mainland the opportunity to learn and enhance their professional skill, and to develop the trade of coffee and tea Indus-try. Our association is going to collaborate with professional exhibition organisation in the mainland, Shanghai Real Exhibition Service Co. Ltd. to hold the "Coffee & Tea Shanghai 2007 ". During the exhibition, we will introduce several workshops on professional operation. On behalf of the organizers, I cordially invite you to participate in this function to exchange ideas and develop business opportunities.  I look forward to seeing you in Shanghai.

Best regards.

Barry Yuen
Founder & Managing Director of Coffee & Tea Academy of Hong Kong & PR China and Speciality Coffee Association of Hong Kong & PR CHINA

Chairman of the Committee

Coffee & Tea are the keys of ours Life!!!
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