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 地緣政治---中國人應該有自信  航機機艙水樣本超標的調查進展

The last quarter of 2010, China's foreign exchange reserves increased by $ 199,000,000,000 significantly, a record, the total foreign exchange reserves increased to 2.85 trillion U.S. dollars, highlights the imbalance in the global economy continues.

China's foreign exchange reserves have been highest in the world in 2010, has increased by 18.7% during the period, of which the first 3 quarter of $ 194,000,000,000.

Although the trade surplus narrowed in December, but continued strong growth in foreign exchange reserves will appeal to critics more reason to accelerate the appreciation of the renminbi.

China's central bank intervention, with the RMB to buy foreign exchange, thereby holding down its currency by buying foreign exchange reserves eventually become.
Chinese President Hu Jintao next week's state visit to the United States, the exchange rate and trade issues may be two sides of the discussion.

Strong momentum in bank lending and money supply rising inflationary pressure intensified when the rise in foreign exchange reserves of monetary policy management will become more complex.
"China's continued strong bank lending and massive accumulation of foreign reserves, may be the harbinger of impending problems," International Monetary Fund (IMF), former director of China Aisi Wa Prasad (Eswar Prasad) said.

China's central bank announced new loans in 2010 compared with 1.65 trillion yuan in 2009 young.
But some analysts believe that official figures under-reporting the true scale of bank loans.

"Now that credit growth slowed sharply in China too early, but given the official data of net new loans decreased significantly, which is understandable," Fitch Ratings (Fitch) rated financial institutions in charge of China's Zhu Xialian (Charlene Chu) last year
December has said.

Fitch believes that by 2010, Chinese banks only by artificially reducing the holdings of discounted bills, and re-package the loans into the investment products sold to investors wiped off from the balance sheet of the tens of thousands of yuan in loans.
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