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 地緣政治---中國人應該有自信  航機機艙水樣本超標的調查進展

We should be the most oldest Coffee & Tea Academy that had been established for 2 decades in Hong Kong, China & Asian region since 1980s.

And, we have been performing pioneering position to launch and promote formal & systematic training courses & educational platform for Coffee & Tea industrialists, communities and players as well as coffee & tea lovers by our well established international reputation & status.

The ACADEMY's mission is targeting to educate and build up the future players of both buyers & suppliers of Coffee & Tea industries
and agricultural sector as well as connected to future & commodity marketplaces.

We have full range barista training programs and further up-grading programs such as 9-12 months Coffee Diploma.

Ours graduates from top coffee & tea communities and related facilities' manufacturers, agents, dealers, 5-6 star rated hotel, casinos, airlines, Universities' lecturers, medical doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, architects, nurses, school teachers, scientists, engineers, bakery experts, chefs & cooks, farmers, traders and all walk of lives.

Some of our graduates have been operating major coffee & tea chain stores cross the country and ASEAN region. as well as in P.R.CHINA giant market.

We have been running many educational co-operational programs with African, Asian, Central & South America and 3rd world countries counter-parts. This is our main mission to assist our counter-parts to improve their system and share to them with our latest technical know-how and experience.

As the pioneering Academy for years for leading the Coffee & Tea industries move forward & leading the coming decades for operating & manage these two industries' players to improve the quality, up-grade the healthy content for consumer concern and reduce below quality Coffee & Tea launch in to the consumer markets for protect end-users and consumer.

COFFEE & TEA are human daily necessity and crucial in human life and history. But, before the Coffee & Tea Academy was established and seldom industrialists & players were really keen to focus and pay attention of employee training and quality standard control, guide lines and index for the staff and key personnel.

So, we are still feel that this is our duty & mission to carry on our up-right moral ideal and take it in practical steps and action and implement our mission as the global strategy to cover world wide Coffee & Tea development & production in healthy development for human communities.

Coffee & Tea are the keys of ours Life!!!
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